Learning to use a Circular Sock Machine that is older than me.

Friday, 18 December 2009

The Ticket

I set a date with Janet to come to Oxford and duly booked the train tickets.

The day dawned and I set off from Pwllheli, the train manager on the Welch train examined my ticket to Wolverhampton and went on his way.

The train arrived at Towyn, not before we had been enlightened about the train in front of ours; it had broken down necessitating a coach to take us past the aforesaid breakdown. We piled in and had rather a pleasant journey along the coast road to take us inland and on eventually to Machylynth. Here we all boarded the waiting train to convey us to Wolverhampton.

So far so good. I must add that my ticket was inspected once again, to allow boarding of the replacement train.

I settled into my seat and sometime later the train manager on Mr Bransoms train asked to see my ticket. Well you could have knocked me down with a feather. “This”, he proclaimed “is not a ticket!” Looks like a ticket to me says I. “No Madam it’s a seat reservation ticket not a ticket to allow you to travel.” Oh says I, will I have to get off and walk? (At this point I notice a distinct lack of humour on his part) “No madam, it won’t come to that”. He strides off to make a new announcement with promise of his immanent return. (I can’t wait) After informing me he should really charge me the full fare, he looks kindly on me and indicates that I need only pay from the next stop, that being Banbury. I produce a fiver, before he changes his mind and look suitable chastened.

The train arrived at Oxford Station where I am met by Janet. We have never met before up to this point. I arranged to wear a T shirt with MIND THE GAP on it (Spot the train theme!) and Janet was to be adorned in Wellies.

 I’m looking at all the feet as I progress through the station, I spot them, “Hi Pat, did you have a good trip”, No I didn’t I reply , I recount my woes and we go to the ticket office to see what could be done. I did have to buy a replacement, and did get a refund, minus admin costs of course!

On the train ride home (Only one hour late) I decided to try and see what the response was when I presented my seat reservation ticket. It was of course accepted, no questions asked. Isn’t travel great?

I spent a great time with Janet and I can now operate the infernal Machine.

On the first evening Janet set me to work and I got the feel of her Imperia Machine. It was different to the Griswold, instead of a solid needles clasp the Imperia has a wire spring. This was easy to use and I rather liked it for its ease of use when changing the cylinder needles to the ribber ones.

The following day after breakfast we got down to making a sock.

I learnt that I had been using too much weight on the Griswold.

When I tried to make heels I was shown how to apply added weight to hold down the heel stitches which is where they tended to rise up the needle and so miss knitting a stitch. I now make sure that the first needle to be knit is raised slightly; this allows the latch to catch the yarn and complete the stitch.

I was shown the dreaded ribber and how to operate it; don’t know what I was worried about actually; the instruction book suggested taking the ribber off the machine and putting it away, which I did and I was too scared to try it as the weeks went on.

It was a very intensive day and I did produce a pair of Socks, Thanks to Janet’s expert tuition.

Next time, I get a new machine! Happy Christmas everyone.
                                                                                                                                  See you in 2010